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New Trailer of 0.11 Update in Escape from Tarkov: TerraGroup Labs, Killa and Stimulators

New Trailer of 0.11 Update in Escape from Tarkov: TerraGroup Labs, Killa and Stimulators

Battlestate Games announces the upcoming release of a big update 0.11 for the closed beta version of its multiplayer online FPS Escape from Tarkov and shows a new trailer, dedicated to the new features. The developers have specifically noted that in the first hours after the update, game servers may experience overload leading to possible increase of matching wait time and occasional network delays. There will be no wipe.

Along with an expansion of “Customs” the new map “TerraGroup Labs” will be added to the game. It is the underground laboratory complex, a secret facility beneath the centre of Tarkov. Officially, this research center is engaged in the studying, testing and modeling in the fields of chemistry, physics, biology and high technology

Besides PMC, players can clash with Raiders - well equipped, well trained and well armed Scavs. According to rumors, Raiders are ex-PMC operators who decided to cooperate with local ex-military from the Scavs. They usually can be seen in places where it’s hard to meet anyone except them, and they consider such places as their own, so any trespassers will be shot. While in combat - they usually try to fight from a better positioning, attack as a well coordinated group, use grenades and flashbangs. It will be impossible to play as Raider.

“As this location is considered to be closed, it has special types of extractions. New mechanics imply the need to meet certain conditions for the activation of the extraction.” said Nikita Buyanov, the head of Battlestate Games. “It is possible to activate extractions more covertly, discreetly, thereby reducing the chances of detection by Raiders, or loud, what will lead to activation of Laboratory announcement systems and will attract Raiders to the source of noise.”

This version of the game has added a new Scav boss - the Killa, a lone fighter and a fashion freak. He is a former athlete, was brought up by the street, recognizes only his own rules, prefers action to conversation.


“This guy has good equipment, wearing heavy armor and hand-customized helmet. He is a very dangerous enemy.” - Nikita Buyanov continues. “Killa uses light machine gun or other automatic weapon to suppress the enemy, while lurking from cover to cover, getting closer to his target for the final push. During the assault he moves in zig-zag manner, uses grenades, suppresses few enemies with the fire of his weapon, plants smoke cover on one enemy while attacking the other. Well, it’s going to be a tough fight to get him killed. By the way, he consideres PMC’s and Scavs as his enemies.”

A new type of consumable items will be available for the players after the update - Stimulators. These things temporarily improve the level of skills of the character and its characteristics, but can have negative effects on the characters health at the same time. Here the studio notes, that some medications now have a usage resource, e.g. blister of analgin tablets can be used up to 4 times.

“With this patch we added lots of new quests for all traders and more than 100 new items: weapons and attachments like RPK-16, Remington 700 and some variations of Mosin rifle; melee weapons: knives and hatchets, ice axe and machete, tactical sword and entrenching tool; new equipment like body armor, tactical vests, helmets and NVGs. I want to highlight the fact, that it will be impossible to pick up a melee weapon from dead PMC’s now.”

According to our tradition, we’ve commenced various optimization improvements, changed AI and implemented many bug fixes, you can learn more about it in the patch note of the upcoming update.

Next year, the game is getting new game mechanics, such as offraid healing, the system of customization of character's clothing, VOIP, further development of weapons and character, new skills, the system of creation and publication of weapon presets, etc. We plan to continue further optimization of graphics and netcode component, fix bugs and issues. In the near future the studio plans to add a Hideout, new locations, weapons and items, to carry out technical modification of the game, aimed at improving the interaction with equipment and weapons, to upgrade to a new version of the game engine and update the graphics.

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