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  • Fixed bug with displaying open container windows.
  • Fixed chat window resizing bug.
  • Fixed bug that did not take headshot kills into account.


Dear Escapers! 

We are pleased to present to you the patch


  • A bug, which caused a huge ricochet chance when hitting helmets and visors.
  • A bug that incorrectly displayed insured items.
  • A bug that caused 228 error during the raid.
  • Partial fix to a bug that caused the game to hang whilst using foods and meds (animation).
  • A bug whereby the FoV impacts the effective range of a weapon.
  • A bug that allowed the player to silently sprint by constantly pressing the sprint key. (SHIFT by default).
  • A bug which did not allow the player to finish the “Delivery from the past” quest on night-time factory.
  • Glitch linked to chest rigs, MP7 and a secured container.
  • A bug relating to dialog sorting, in which new messages came as last.
  • An error that appears in the item inspection menu at the flea market.
  • A bug with name display on 1x1 containers.
  • A bug with the maximum possible penalty for one offer at the flea market.
  • The sound when passing through bushes (first and third person) is now dependent on the character movement speed.
  • Fixed several display issues with 21:9 monitors.
  • Several invisible players issues.
  • Several freeze issues.


Possibly fixed (still testing):

  • A bug, which caused an incorrect exit to work.
  • A bug that allowed selling different level dog-tags in one offer.
  • A bug, which caused a desync in the main menu and in raid.
  • Issues displaying user tags of containers, which were created at the insurance or flea market screen.
  • An error occurring when making an offer on a container that has a user tag.



  • After match summary has been adjusted. Now you can see the damage dealt to the body and armor separately.
  • AI difficulty has been adjusted.



  • A limit to amount of some items that the player can buy. Now you can buy only limited amounts of some items within one restock.

Currently, we are working further on fixes related to invisible players, inventory bugs (inability to use the inventory at the start of a raid), freezes, stuttering and other critical issues. All of this fixes will be added in the next hotfix patches.