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  • Partial optimization of game RAM usage


  • Fixed physics bug that allowed players to push each other through the level geometry
  • Fixed physics bug that allowed player to get into level geometry
  • Fixed physics bug with airwalk
  • Fixed bug with scope zeroing depending on the settings of the FoV
  • Fixed the invisible players bug
  • Fixed bug of players spawning too close to each other
  • Fixed bug that prevented Scav players from having a designated exit
  • Fixed errors that occurred when players with Mosin rifle were killed
  • Now, if the weapon muzzle has entered object collision boundaries (e.g. of an oil drum), the bullets won’t pass through from inside the object
  • An error that occurred if the player was killed while discarding a weapon
  • The sight reticles now behave correctly on the weapon tilt
  • Fixed bugs with door synchronization
  • Fixed icons for MPX magazine and glass lenses
  • Bug that made it impossible to select another quest at the end of the current one
  • Removed flaring on the Eotech Vudu sight
  • Fixed bug that displayed negative exit counter for the Scav players
  • Fixed the high penetration ammo damage detection bug

Fixes to locations:

  • Fixed the collisions of the staircase railing at the health resort
  • Fixed bridge at the Customs, now dead bodies do not fall through it
  • Adjusted culling (hiding objects outside FOV) at the Customs in the area of the customs terminal
  • Closed collision hole at the Interchange
  • Closed collision hole in the rocks at the Woods
  • Adjusted Customs to eliminate the potential spots of bug-using Scav boss kills
  • Fixed the invisible wall in the health resort at the Shoreline
  • Adjusted the Interchange collision geometry


  • Now you do not immediately connect to global chat on login, it’s optional
  • Now the lobby screen only displays players looking for a group. If you want to find a group, you will need to click "look for a group"
  • The muzzle devices are now recognized when touching the walls and obstacles
  • Adjustments of the Sniper Rifles skill leveling

Known issues:

  • Some players can spawn without weapon in hands when viewed from 3rd person perspective, it can be solved by changing the weapon



List of changes:

  • Fixed one more Nvidia Inspector exploit
  • Fixed weapon recoil in different FOV
  • Fix for re-binding the mouse0 button
  • Leveling of the Sniper Rifles skill through chambering bullets is now slower
  • Fix of the empty ammo casings falling through the level geometry
  • Fix of negative timer value when playing as Scav
  • Fixed the potential game crash bug that occurred if the player was killed while loading a cartridge into chamber of the Mosin rifle
  • Loudness of steps changed to old values


We are pleased to present to you the patch



  • Improved network synchronization of doors
  • Synchronization of the corpses positions
  • Adjusted grenade synchronization
  • Improved synchronization of loot that gets dropped on location
  • Redesigned control settings system
  • New redesigned system of network interpolation (improving precision of movement, reducing delays)
  • Weapon parts and mods for SA-58
  • Mosin-Nagant
  • New Covert Movement skill
  • New graphics settings to limit the FPS in the game and the menu


AI Improvements:

  • Adjustments of unalerted boss behavior
  • Fixed the bug that caused multiple bots to stand in one point one point while on patrol
  • Fixed the bug that caused boss and his detail to get stuck in the grenade throwing posture
  • Adjusted grenade throw, adjusted the angle of throw[1]
  • Fixed the bug that prevented bots from checking their surroundings when stopping
  • The common bots are no longer aiming at the head
  • Bots who have heard the sound of a firefight, no longer look towards potential target
  • Fixed the bug that caused bot to search for position on suppression request
  • Fixed the bug that prevented bots from reloading while providing suppression
  • Adjustments were made to bots’ hearing, now they don’t completely ignore the players behind their backs
  • Bots now do not shoot the target that is above them while in prone position



  • Looting items handling optimization
  • Shadow performance optimization
  • Procedural animations performance optimization
  • Optimization of network traffic consumption
  • Optimization of weapon modifications and weapons’  models and LOD groups
  • Optimized character spawning in the raid, reduced frequency and severity of freezes on spawn
  • Fixed various bugs that were causing other cases of freezes



Fixes to locations:

  • The curbstone near the new gas station that used to disappear prematurely
  • Fixed the problem of players getting behind the gate at the paid exit with an SUV at the Customs
  • Scav exit from the Factory now doesn’t overlap with the safe
  • Fixed shadow geometry in one of the wall gaps in the Resort
  • Fixed the catch between the crates at the Factory that could get you stuck
  • Fixed loot, quest zones and bugs in the nighttime Factory
  • Customs gas station culling correction
  • Culling correction of geometry behind the two-storeyed dorm at the Customs
  • Fixed sticking catch in the Resort, on the second floor of the West wing
  • The Shoreline tower door can now be opened in both directions
  • Adjusted the Woods spawn points to avoid excessive spawn proximity
  • Corrections made to the toppled grenade box in the Woods
  • Fixed the Factory door that was causing the invulnerability glitch
  • Adjusted spawn points at the Customs
  • Fixed spawning algorithm errors that sometimes caused late and close spawns
  • Added new loot points and containers on the Shoreline
  • Interchange, now bots see through glass side panels at the entrance to the IDEA
  • Flashing light an the sawmill
  • Flashing chemlights at the Interchange


Interface fixes:

  • Fixed screen overlapping that sometimes occurred on server connection loss
  • Now the revert button only resets the current tab of the settings
  • Pointer does not disappear on the weapon modding screen
  • Fixed tutorial soft-lock learning on clicking Back
  • Weapons Inspector now displays the correct weapon accuracy
  • Resolution change now requires a confirmation
  • Settings now allow to clear the assigned
  • The quick equip action (ALT+LMB) now plays a sound appropriate to the equipped item
  • Combining two stacks of rounds now plays an ammunition movement sound
  • It is now possible to cancel the editing of controls
  • Cash from the rewards screen now goes to stash on CTRL+LMB
  • If there were changes made to the settings, a confirmation window is displayed
  • The depleted consumable items now disappear from the Quick Access bar
  • Death count now gets updated in the stats after raid
  • Fixed bug that kept the binding of items even after they were moved to a corpse
  • Timers don’t  twitch now (changed to monospaced font)
  • Centered item pivots
  • While searching containers and corpses you now get to see how much space is occupied by the items that are not yet discovered
  • Fixed bug with negative time at the exit countdown
  • Bug with resupply timer of traders not refreshing, now it is updated in a couple of minutes
  • Scav players now see the correct PMC name in the kill list if the dogtag was taken


Visual fixes:

  • Now the vegetation is not disabled regardless of Nvidia  Inspector settings
  • If there is a flashlight attached to the weapon, the weapon base doesn’t cast a shadow
  • Removed the white stripe from HAMR while aiming
  • Density (brightness) of searchlights’ Volumetric Light is reduced by half
  • Improved shader for glass visors
  • Fixed a visual bug of grass strobing during the rain
  • Fixed bug that sometimes made the grenade explosion invisible
  • Removed sunflare effect from reflex sights and scopes
  • Fixed the FOV change related bug that led to problems in displaying scopes and reflex sights sights
  • Fixed the FOV change related bug that caused weapons to shot off the reflex sights’ reticles
  • Corrected laser dazzle, it now occurs if the ray is directed straight in the character’s eyes
  • Adjusted the reflection intensity on materials of objects during cloudy or rainy weather
  • Raindrops now don’t disappear from hands if the character gets shot
  • Fixed black reticles of certain sights
  • Visor shader is now correctly displayed in the fog
  • Fixed Elcan optics bug that allowed to zoom in perpetually
  • Fixed bug that caused night scope illumination to disappear when aiming at the glass
  • Corrected some inaccuracies and visual problems with movement and animations of the characters in the third person
  • Fixed a noticeable disappearance of another players’ lights, depending on the perspective and distance
  • Fixed the reticle orientation in the reflex sights mounted in alternative positions
  • Fixed the bug that made reflex sight reticles invisible on smoke
  • Improved display of equipment on the characters (especially Scav) - reduced clipping
  • Fixed white spots on some of the weapon icons
  • Adjusted lighting effects at the Interchange
  • Helmet visors are not shining in the dark now
  • Fixed the distance of culling for helmets and headgear


Fixed various errors:

  • Fixed one of the reasons for Error 228 while separating a stack of rounds
  • Bug when throwing grenades from the Quick Access toolbar
  • Error that occurred while quickly moving ammo from stash to crammed inventory
  • Various server errors that were causing desync
  • Various client errors that caused FPS to drop
  • The error that appeared on binding and use of the console key
  • Error of moving an object to another container, when it linked
  • Error that disabled the door interaction doors in offline mode after a single instance


Miscellaneous fixes:

  • Fixed rate of fire linked to FPS problem
  • Fixed sync of armor condition for cases when it’s looted off dead bodies
  • Fixed logic error in armor penetration calculation for bots
  • Fixed various bugs causing problems with registering hits
  • Fixed a bug that allowed character to stand up while under some object
  • Fixed bug with discarded objects falling through the floor
  • Bug that breaks the interaction with doors and containers if the player has a grenade in hand
  • Fixed the problem of incorrect penetration of helmets and visors
  • Leaving the raid is now counted in the stats
  • Bug that made character stuck in the level geometry after reconnect
  • Bug with repeated door interaction on breach attempt
  • Bug with part of the cells remaining unsearched
  • Bug that changed the current resource of the passed first aid kit
  • Damage registration bug
  • Bug that caused the hands to freeze with lock pin in them, if the grenade with removed pin were switched for something else
  • Fixed bug that had all character skills to max out
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused arm hits not to register
  • Fixed bug that caused discarded weapons to bounce
  • Fixed bug that caused player to remain on the matchmaking screen after clicking on the "back" button while loading location, even after restarting the session
  • Fixed the bug that made medkit unusable if a player was injured during treatment
  • Fixed geometry clipping of sights in the camera, if the weapons has a sight installed at 45 degrees angle
  • Fixed the bug that allowed player to keep the belongings after hitting Back when deployment to location has already started
  • Fixed inability to pass through a door sideways
  • Fixed ability to jump through the ceiling or the dorm to the floor above with a regular jump and leveled strength
  • It is now possible to move things for sale to a trader by dragging them
  • Fixed the bug that prevented discarding items from the stash
  • Fixed the bug that made the bodies twitch for a while after death
  • Fixed the bug of character corpse disappearing after reconnect
  • Fixed MTU002 Short Top foregrip filters fro SOK-12
  • Blind fire no longer allows you to shoot through walls
  • Bug with repeated opening of the door, that could make it open the other way
  • Bug that prevented player from producing the death sounds in first person, and there was no audible hits either
  • Fixed third-person arm-twisting when character is getting ready to throw a grenade
  • Fixed bug with twisted hands with folded stock or in contact with the wall or other players
  • Fixed a bug of the "Gardening" quest part 1, where “Survive and exit from location" condition was not observed
  • Bug with empty-handed player being unable to change weapons and use the equipment after a quick melee blow during the grenade throw
  • Various skill fixes
  • Various minor balancing fixes
  • Fixed desync bug when reloading shotgun shells
  • Reduced number of network lags on death of other characters
  • Fixed a glitch with vests and secure containers which made the characters invulnerable
  • Bug that  swapped indoor sounds for outdoor sounds and back
  • Bug that had the weapons constantly lifted up, without any obstacles
  • The playable Scav equipment is now examined by default



  • Balancing adjustments of melee weapons parameters
  • Changed characteristics of body armor and armor materials, armor get broken faster now. Increased blunt impact damage (the damage player sustains even if the bullet didn’t penetrate the armor)
  • Increased chance of fracture from bullets and hits
  • Trader filters now hide all items that are not included in the filter
  • The armor Fence could not sell now gets removed faster
  • Removed animation of character pulling up to the doors, hoods, loot containers - except for knocking doors down
  • Added settings entries for screenshots and console
  • Enhanced brightness of some reflex sights reticles
  • If you walk up to the wall or to another character, weapon gets lifted later. First, it is pulled closer to the body
  • In death from 3rd-person the weapon now doesn’t stay in the hands, but drops down as if on a sling
  • Now the falling bodies of the killed take into account the velocity of the bullet
  • Pressing ESC in the settings menu after making changes to the settings will prompt you to save or discard the changes
  • If a player leaves the raid (Leave game via the ESC menu,  not through the exit), his character dies on the server (not the case with the connection loss)
  • Reduced the frequency of thunder sounds
  • Now glass doesn’t break when you’re just passing near it
  • Added more information to some of the error messages



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