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Text RPG will be managed by players’ community!

Text RPG will be managed by players’ community!

Our new text forum RPG based on Escape from Tarkov will be managed by the players’ community! As from now any player corresponding to our criteria can become a Game Master in his language group and manage a game in his language!

How does it work? User files an application by filling in the online registration form, indicating his roleplay experience, acquaintance with Russia 2028 and Escape from Tarkov Universes, and whereafter completes an internship under the guidance of our lead Game Masters. The user may also be recommended by emissary of his country. After the successful completion of training course the user is given all the necessary instruments for RPG management and Game Master manual, and another realm in the necessary language is being created in the game.

Necessary requirements: talent for bright and exciting narration, skill in the turning of phrases, English language skills — it is necessary for communication within our international team supporting RPG as well as for translating the game interface and weapon, items and quests descriptions.

The newly-minted Game Master will occasionally receive permanently renewed quests story lines describing the details of the events taking place in Tarkov through the eyes of UN staff located in this sector, private military companies BEAR, USEC and three gangs of bandits. Players can enjoy all these quest chains with their specifics, tincture and slang.

Besides, the multilingual Game Master can arrange a community speaking his native language that will add local charm to the game; he can offer the ideas of new quests that can be added after our revision and approval, offer new features and so on.

lt will help to reveal the gorgeousness of world’s languages in the text RPG as far as in this kind of game everything born by player’s imagination, each detail of all that’s happening and each description are expressed by means of language only so the style of narration is highly important. We are sure that the opportunity of enjoying the game presented in the player’s native language with native and cultural particularities will improve the steeping into the world of Escape from Tarkov!

The text RPG was created only with efforts of the Community Department with a little aid from the game writer, while the rest of Escape from Tarkov developers are still very busy developing the core game.

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